About Audrey

Music has been a constant thread and driving force in Audrey’s life since before she could walk. 

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by her parents' love of music, she was shaped early in life by eclectic musical influences including soul, pop and country. Dancing to the Bee Gees happened long before her first steps, shaping the soundtrack that would propel her forward.

“There is not one day I can remember when my home growing up did not have music playing from dawn to dusk. My parents played some pretty amazing albums so falling head over heels for music was easy.”

The Soul is the Truth of who you are.
Quiet the Mind and the Soul will speak.

Throughout her childhood, she worked out her musical chops in any way she could, whether in the church choir or through musical theater. The outlet was irrelevant, it was the musical immersion in any form she could access that became the life force in Audrey’s existence.

Her diversity of experience and influence would eventually shape Audrey’s unique sound. That in addition to years of vocal lessons, success in singing competitions and musical theater would help Audrey identify the beginnings of her own voice.

Beginning to hear her own voice inspired Audrey to pick up the guitar and the start of her songwriting career came pouring out. 

Performing and writing music has taken Audrey on an exciting journey of discovery and self acceptance. The beginnings of that growth found its’ voice in her first EP The First Beat and ultimately set in motion a long desired move to Nashville and now Los Angeles. 

You can find Audrey on any given day working on launching new music, writing with her writing partners, performing or just soaking up the music & inspiration of all her favorite artists.