The Story Behind "Self Love Rebellion"

By Audrey Collins

The Story Behind "Self Love Rebellion"


Have you ever put yourself in your own shoes?? It’s a bizarre concept to wrap one’s head around, or at least for me it is. When I think about putting myself in another person’s shoes I come at it with an angle of curiosity, compassion, and mindfulness.
But when I think about stepping in my own shoes and seeing the path I am on, I tend to be harder on myself and point out the ways that I am not enough and could be making so much more of myself. Never once do I come at it from a place of true love and understanding like I do with others.

This battle cycled itself in my head and heart as I became a young adult. It damaged and even ruined relationships with some people, but most importantly with myself. Instead of being able to move on, I held grudges and fell victim to the concept that these negative situations in my life had stolen part of my inner self. Self . self. self….What  is self and why do I keep coming around to finding myself trying to understanding the concept of self…

It got to the point where all I had was self..i had really pushed some people out of my life who tried to help. It’s unfortunate it took so many bridges to burn in order to have no other choice but to start building one with the one person left and that was me.

That was the seed in my mind that grew into Self Love Rebellion. I had gotten so hungry and so tired of where I was that I wanted to fight back my own enemies that kept me from living the life I wanted to live and know was possible. 

Love is not a battle, but is always worth fighting for. Especially the love of self.


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