The Story Behind "YOU GET TO ME"

By Audrey Collins

The Story Behind "YOU GET TO ME"

I wrote this song with my friend Dakota Neumann when we were both single and dreaming of being in a relationship while reflecting on the fun of past relationships.
There is nothing more exciting than being in a relationship with someone who brings so much joy and giddiness into your days.  You Get to Me was inspired by the fun of flirting with your special someone. Whether you're alone, just the two of you, or in a crowd full of people....all you can do is unconsciously flirt with each other across the room.  There's nothing like the start of a new relationship when you feel like it's the two of you against the world........ and you're lost in the idea that someone just gets you like no one else can. There's something so romantic and sexy about it all.  
The melody and production of You Get To Me has got to be my favorite part of the song though because I love music with groovy vibes that have so much energy you want to sing at the tops of your lungs.
It's proof that sometimes you gotta write about the super personal things in your life and sometimes you just gotta write about having fun. There is a time and a place for both kinds of music. This song belongs in the car on a Friday night cruising to your favorite part scene. 
I hope you enjoy it!!


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