Releasing My First EP "THE FIRST BEAT"

By Audrey Collins

Releasing My First EP "THE FIRST BEAT"

For as long as I can remember I knew I wanted to be up on stage singing my heart out to a crowd.

I spent ALL of my childhood singing at the top of my lungs and, as I got older, performing in every opportunity I could work my way into.......trying different things as I looked for the best path to reach my goal.
The more I performed, the more the obvious kept hitting me square in the eyes --- songwriting was the key to opening doors, to getting on stages, to moving forward in the industry. So, terrified but undaunted I started the journey of songwriting.
It wasn't something that came naturally at first. But with lots of help from pivotal people in my my mom (she has a way with words and taught me so much about writing lyrics), I kept my eye in the prize and kept working at it. 
When I started writing music, I didn't have a short term goal in mind. I was just determined to do whatever it would take to get where I wanted to go. But as I started writing, the music came pouring out and before I knew it we were in the middle of creating an EP. I was as shocked as anyone. 
As I look back on that period, I see the naivety, I see the fear, I see how much I didn't know. But I also see the determination and bravery it took to put myself out there and to believe I could create something people would want to listen to. 
I've come a long way since those early days. I've learned a lot and my songwriting chops have definitely improved. But I owe a lot to the process of my first EP. And I'm proud of the hard work it took to birth it.
Throughout the process of making it, I felt REBORN. It created in me a new perspective of what it meant to be a performer, but more importantly, to be an ARTIST. At the beginning, I wasn't sure I had it in me to create something from nothing, but watching it come to life in the studio changed me. From that moment, I knew that I'd always want to be a part of the writing process on anything I attach my name to.
Writing has brought me closer to myself. It's allowed me to understand myself in new ways and through that understanding I'm learning to be more accepting of myself. It's an ongoing war, but I'm fighting the battle day by day.
As I looked at the track list for my first EP, I knew it would be called The First Beat.
This EP represents a beginning for me. It represents the first glimpse into my own world. Music speaks to the heart but more importantly, the heart is spoken through music. This is MY heart at the very beginning of my story.
My first beats ❤️  🎤


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